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I started out with two, but when I ran into a box full of abandoned ones on the side of the road; I thought it was some sort of God-send. I of course took in these precious furbabies and made them a wonderful home with my family.
At first it was a little cramped until I could get them all beds, so I just used the extra craft containers I had in storage and wouldn't you know they loved their little temporary sleeping chambers?
Now wouldn't you know, even after I bought them all comfy beds; they just ended up anywhere they pleased anyway. Those silly furballs were always into something.
I'm pleased to say that our dog Bear is getting along much better with his new friends now. They even play games and run around the whole house. It's a joy to watch.
Now even though we are a pretty happy household, some of our little friends still don't quite get along. I'm not sure if it's a Dominant thing or what, but we really must work on our friendship skills.
We have a few thieves in the bunch as well, which we caught with the evidence still in their mouth. Isn't that amazing? They can steal things that are so big! It's a talent, really. No treats for you!
We also have a few that don't like to share. Though all children will have this issue at least once in their lives, right? We just have to slowly fix those bad habits!
Speaking of bad habits. Somehow our precious hamster disappeared. I'm sure my husband left the lid open after he cleaned the cage. Hamtaro probably just took a leisure stroll and will come back when he's hungry. That naughty rodent.
I've discovered that some of babies have a real sense of humor. They're always exchanging these looks like they know exactly what the other is thinking. It's so funny to watch.
I'm ashamed to say that I've had to yell a few times. I don't like to yell, but there are certain things you cannot do in my house. We cannot have fur where we eat. I'm a clean Lady. But, we finally worked through the issue and I think it's been resolved.
Well... for the most part anyway. *Tsks*
Feeding time is always a bit hectic, but once everyone lines up things go nice and smooth. I can't thank my husband enough for working hard to support our babies tummy's. They're all so happy to have such bountiful meals.
I've learned that family has to stick together. And our family is no exception. We've had a lot of trials and errors, but I look forward to watching my babies grow and spread their wings. Er, well, paws.... Either way, you get it. :)))
Until next time My friends!!
Somehow I knew this was Dane before I even read who wrote this...
You're such an eerily convincing cat lady, sir. I'm impressed.
This is my mother in the near future
LMAO I'll take that. o.O
Let's go with.. something :)
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