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This week's theme is Romance Male Leads! The 1st guy we have is Mabuchi Kou from Ao Haru Ride, he's cute, funny, smart and loves to pick on the female lead. He changes completely from how he was in Middle School, once a shy, short, girly boy to a tall, hot, isn't as shy anymore and even changes his name because of something that happens...
2nd is Yamato Kurosawa from Say I Love You (Sukitte li Na yo)! He's a womanizer, but doesn't understand women, he's hot and like a model in everybody's eyes, smart, tall, and he falls in love with someone who has no friends. He is so sweet, cute and cares for his girlfriend! My pick is Mabuchi Kou, he always makes me smile, laugh and cry. He is someone I wish would live in the real world so he can be my boyfriend because he's perfect. Who do you choose? You either love their character or like them as a person? Let me know your reasons for choosing them? @chris98vamg @SunnyV @bribarbour99 @RaquelArredondo @NerukaWong @XavierLopez @CassondraSteven @MidnightBeauty @CheniseLewis @PrincessRosey09 @ashleykpop @JessicaChaney @shantalcamara @KassiIverson @Crosszeriazess @mymi @Jak91 @NikkiT92 @ButterflyBlu @NerukaWong @RosePark @poojas @sherrysahar @AkiraCondry @BluBear07 @littlemaryk @corinazurk @KennyJohnson @VinMcCarthy @shannonl5 @Rosezavala @MaribelMota @jasminetimple @VixenViVi @Arellano1052 @KhrystinaLee @WilsonRivera @Akberg @FaithSchild @merryjayne13 @DanRodriguez @JustinaNguyen @AdiaJasinski @LayLayPoe @BambiGray @ASatterley @Yuki136989 @MarkKibe @amberpuck95 @Namrow @HannahDacus @NinaBina12
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Yamato in the morning and Kou for night :)
oooh I don't know who I would pick they both have amazing qualities T_T
I have not seen either of these
ahhhhh yamato^.^
11- Yamato Kurosawa 8 - Mabuchi Kou Yamato Wins!!!!