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I really tought this would be easier but it's not. It took a lot of thought and well this is my crew =)
Captain: Monkey D. Luffy (one piece) I decided to keep luffy as captain because Monkey is what anyone wanting to going to join a crew would want as a captain. he is fun, outgoing, has amazing strength, does not only care for his own goals but his crew mates as well and is not as much of a boss but a friend I would love to have in my friends list. His abilities are many to list but he is seriously an amazing capt.
Gunner: Vash the stampede (Tri gun ) He already is an outlaw, I mean its like he should have been in one piece in the first place! with 60 billion ( uh thats doble dollars) to his head he simply belongs here. This typhoon will rock your ship any day with his goofy attitude. Loves getting in and out of trouble and will escape any crazy situation.
The cook: Toriko (toriko) He will do more than just cook you an amazing meal. He is very strong witch of course comes in handy but not just that, he too is searching for something and that makes capt luffy very excited. He is the best at what he does, I freaking love this powerful warrior (and chef) every ship needs toriko.
first mate: Goku (Dragon ball z ) by now I'm feeling pretty confident this ship is in need of more food! why are the most powerful characters so hungry??? anyway, here is this powerful addition to the crew. I could not even imagine having a crew without him, I don't think I need to put out details about reasons! he is Goku after all.
Thief : Junko Asagiri (deserpunk) we do need a girl right? Junko will do great as a thief and a distraction. Shea won't think twice about using her (attributes) to get her way and that's very useful lol eveyone will be happy to travel aside this power babe.
Guard: Leo Aioria (Saint Seiya) I mean at this point I don't need man power lol and truly want to add a saint, and I think he makes a great addition because he could protect the ship, literally he is a guard. lets pretend the crew steps off and someone stays behind to take care of the ship, aioria is the man for the job. He will do anything to protect it, and with so much power he might not need to do much. he is such a lovely saint and pulls way more than guard dutty.
Kon (bleach) Don't you just want to hug him? are you a pretty girl? then he wants a hug more than you know lol this little perv is a must for our crew. JUnko might be against this, but it will make for a fun and crazy atmosphere. now in a compact size from tiny to big. I can just imagine him drooling over Junko 24/7 .
Aquarius ( fairy tail) I want her in my crew no questions asked, yes she is um.. probably going to wreck the ship but we have a ship that is on water and aquarius lives /fights in water so yeah lol a good ally to our crew.
Light Yagami ( death note ) And lastly if all fails, we have light... yeah that's right - Light so don't even tell us your name ... or tell us your name, either way you are done for lol.
I'm really sad natsu did not make it for eh obvious reasons. I had lots of fun with this challenge and really put A lot of mind into it since I realized all my favorites don't belong in a ship lol this is the best crew I could think of. Everyone has such fun personalities, I imagined Aquarius and junko fighting over girls things and kon wanting to grab on them. I imagined luffy ,goku, vash and toriko eat everything in the ship and light staying skinny because of it. but no seriously this ship and crew needs way more food lol
Omg, You have Vash!!! <3 I'm so excited to see him. And Torikoooo! *high five to the muscle man of food* I think you're the second person to stick Light on their crew. I certainly think he'd be an interesting member. Awww, poor natsu. Well, maybe he can be a stow-away or something. LoL Awesome job! I love it.
Omg Light as part of a crew would be so interesting! Nice card1
Leo! finally someone who watches saint seiya lol
@electica yeah, shaka will do too,i guess any golden saint will be a good guard...... except deathmask. He is the most vicious and cruel in comparison to all of them.
why Aioria when you can have Mu, need a guard, no one is going through his crystal wall technique.. ^_^
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