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Murphy!! Murphy!!

Last night was a total roller coaster of emotions, but the Mets made it happen in Los Angeles - somehow.

deGrom was all over the place, allowing 2 runs in the first inning and never really finding his stuff (though he did pitch solidly in his last two innings). The Mets scored one in the first and then immediately fell behind. deGrom just did not have his stuff, plain and simple.

57 of his 107 pitches came with runners in scoring position. That's pressure pitching.

He said after the game that he's never had to work that hard in a start, and I believe him for sure. He battled, and I have all the respect for a guy who worked his butt off despite not being on his game. He kept them in it.

But it was all about Murphy. It had to be.

Every good team has a guy like Murph: someone who you can never explain, a total anomaly, who just seems to come up with big hit after big hit.

Last night, when no one else could get anything going against a fairly dominant Zack Greinke, Murphy carried these Mets to the NLCS with three hits including a go-ahead home run.
Justin Turner did everything he could to put the Dodgers through, collecting two doubles of his own and generally terrorizing the Mets. At one point, I joked that it was the NY Murphys vs. the LA Turners.
But no matter. I'm proud of the Mets. They played with heart and grit and did exactly what they need to do.

Now, they'll hold home field advantage in a series with the Cubs. The Cubs are tough as nails.

But after last night, I am really, really starting to believe in these Mets!

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Haha congrats! What a game that was.