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so my friend needs advice and I don't know what I should tell her to do.....so I will tell the dilemma in a kpop fanfic way and I'd you have any thoughts or advice it would be appreciated
I met jin 3 years ago...well not met exactly. we had randomly started chatting on an online forum and quickly grew to be close friends. we shared so much in common and I felt like I could tell him anything. we would text, skype and call each other all the time. I even joked around at work showing off his picture and calling him my boyfriend....but there was still the sad truth hanging in the air.....he lived so far away that we'd never meet. I fell into a small slump. he kept saying one day he would come and visit and when he did he would ask me to be his girl in person....but he had been saying it for over a year now. one day my friend Diane seeing how sad I was about not ever getting to meet my wonderful soul mate jin oppa suggested I go meet a guy who happened to like close by.....not being a kpop fan she added he's not Korean but he's a kpop star....or whatever you're into. I just looked at her. how could she think anyone could ever take jin oppas place?! but after a few days of her pestering me about going to meet him I finally went....and boy was Jackson cute! he happened to be taking a break from the celeb life and traveling. he decided he would try his hand at entrepreneurship and run a local gas station down the road from my job. I was beside myself. overwhelmed with feels I couldn't say more than 3 words to him. and that is how I planned to leave it. I mean surely being him he had to have a girlfriend already.....but I had to make sure. the next week I went in and I brought backup! Amy was only supposed to trick him into answering if he had a girlfriend. instead I was ambushed. she told him our friend thought he was cute and asked if he had a girlfriend..I has never been more embarrassed. if that wasn't bad enough she asked him for his phone number for our "friend". instead he asked for our "friends" number. she looked at me and said "I don't remember it off of the top of my head. what is her number again?" in the end I ended up giving him my number. *fast forward a few days* I was at work telling my coworkers how embarrassed I had been and how I doubted he would call me when a strange number started ringing on my phone. I couldn't talk at work so I text the number.... it was him! we text the next couple days with him trying to figure out who I was. finally he guessed it and asked me out to dinner. I was a nervous wreck. but it wasn't that bad. we talked and made plans for our first date in a week. I was excited. we had our first date at the aquarium and things went smoothly.
not only did things go smoothly. things flew! which might be part of the problem. Jackson never really officially asked me to be his girlfriend but we consider the day of our first date our anniversary. even 2 years later. during those 2 years I still kept in contact with jin but it grew a bit less and less. what used to be every day contact grew to be weekly contact then monthly contact...then finally once every few months. I understood that he had gotten very busy with his tour schedule and rehearsal. he said the company was working them very hard and promised him a vacation at the end of the year.....meanwhile Jackson and my relationship progressed but not always smoothly. we we're just so different. we didn't really share much in common. we argued almost daily and there had been quite a few instances where he "needed a break". once after a bad argument I didn't hear from him for a month. I thought it was the end. but he came back. this time he was different. we still argued but we tried to talk thru it. for my birthday we decided to go on vacation. we had a good time but when we came back we got into an argument. that night he asked me to come by his store. I thought he needed help so I went but instead he had me stand where I first gave him my number and he proposed! I said yes!! a month after saying yes the only thing we had managed to agree on was a date for the wedding next year in October. he didn't really want to talk about wedding plans and we hardly saw each other. last night I got a message from an excited jin who says that the company is giving him a vacation at the end of this year (he's been saying that for over a year) but then he asked me which airport he should land at!!!! OK so real talk now kfam. here's her dilemma...she loves Jackson as much as he gets on her nerves a lot of the time. but she really wants to meet jin. she says that she feels that jin is her soul mate but she would never leave Jackson. what should she do? idk what to tell her.
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@Heidichiesa then she needs to tel "Jackson" & "Jin" and if "Jin" still wants to meet then do so just as friends. I have a very close friend that I had feelings for and I wanted to be with them, but things didn't work and we ended up just being really close friends. But I made sure to let my partner know how my relationship was with this person so there wasn't any misunderstandings
thats a good idea @merryjayne13
thanks @chelseajay and @merryjayne13 and @kelseyblair for your advice.
@heidichiesa no problem
@heidichiesa you're welcome hun.