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OMG Natsu and Happy favs
cool and sure I would like to be in your fan fiction @LunaWolf
opps crap I ment @StephhWonders look up at the comment above
okay @SrephhWonders What do you want to look like what is your name what kind of magic do you want to use Fire dragon slayer magic is already taken so you cant pick that and crusher magic and celestial magic is taken as well so what magic do you want to use and im sorry to say but the magic Makura uses is of limits
Natsu is my best friend in my fan fiction for the Fairy tail anime I'm a fire dragon slayer and Natsu has been helping me learn how to use my fire dragon slayer magic ever since I came through a portal to their world that appeared in my room on the night of my birthday and I have a pure black newly hatched baby exceed as a friend her name is Midnight and my name is Luna Demon Wolf in the book im 16 ( but in real life im only 14 ) and me and Lucy are really good friends aswell if you wanna be in my fan fiction message me what you look like and what kind of magic use.