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What if, instead of assulting Frieza, Bardock took his family and fled? Would they go to Earth? Would Frieza's betrayal and Bardock's ability to see into the future convince him that they needed to change the way they were doing things? Would we have gotten to see Goku's mother in the anime? Would Goku still be Goku? There are a lot of questions that come up with this topic... personally, I think that while Bardock and his family wouldn't just go out and destroy entire planets anymore, they would still train and challenge strong opponents to fight. One day, they would find Frieza and get revenge for the now destroyed Planet Vegeta and the Saiyan race. Goku's name would remain Kakkarot, and the whole story would revolve more on Bardock. That's only a brief amount of what I think would happen, but if I went into how all this would change the entire Dragonball world, no one would read all of it ^_^' So here's something a bit different from my other posts... Let's piece together our own version of what would've happened if Bardock took his family and fled Planet Vegeta. (and yes, Frieza sending soldiers after the family is a possibility, but not as interesting. So none of that! :P )
Hmm... So they all escape and go to Earth like Kakkarot is supposed to. Although, in the panic of escaping, they don't plot their course very accurately. By the time they realize the flight error, it's too late. Their ship crashes into a mountain and rolls down into a nearby forest... later, a beaten up family of aliens is discovered by an elderly farmer, who takes them in and cares for them until they recover. While with the farmer, the aliens learn human values and discover they've been living all wrong. They all leave the farmer and go off on their own travels. While they travel, they find a young girl and her father, a king, living in a strange kingdom. While there, they also happen across a blue haired girl looking for these strange items called, "Dragonballs." The kingdom falls under attack by others seeking these items, and it's up the family of Saiyans to defend it. They successfully defend the kingdom, and the youngest of the Saiyans, Kakkarot, promises to marry the young princess... not knowing what he just promised... The blue haired girl, named Bulma, talks with the family and finds out they have no where to stay. She then offers them to come stay with her at her father's in West City. They all agree, and arrive in West city after a few days of travel. While on the way, Kakkarot hears about an old hermit who is very wise and very strong. Wishing to learn from this hermit, Kakkarot asks his father if he may travel alone for a while to seek out this hermit. Bardock, reluctantly, agrees and asks Radditz is he also wanted to learn from the hermit. Radditz believes it's a waste of time and decides not to go.
@Thatperson512 Okay, that would be interesting... Cooler doesn't really seem the type though... He may take Bardock and force him to work, and kill everyone else. Eventually, Bardock would train and prove to be strong enough to become part of the Armored Squadron, then continue training until he was strong enough to defeat Cooler. Our very first Super Saiyan would then be Bardock as opposed to Goku
A possibility is they get taken up by Cooler and forced to work for him much like Vegeta and Nappa, there could even still be the rivalry between Goku and Vegeta then. Oops, I mean Kakkorot.
@Namrow Good point. 👍If Master Roshi has a strong 📰reputation, Goku would still probably 📺want to meet him and learn his 💥trademark move without 📛Radditz. 🌠Some major events will always naturally fall into place. ⛳
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