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Another UP10TION screenshot games because they are fun!!!!
Wakes up next to you: Wooshin (I would fall off my bed from shock lol then cuddle with him) Going out for late night snacks with you: Kogyoel (hahaha we can be fatties together) Shares a room with you: Wooshin (That would explain why he is in my bed.) Ends up cuddling with you: Kogyoel (expected after eating all those snacks lol) Hook-up with: Hwanhee (Mianhe Wooshin. You're still my boo though.) Movie nights together: Kuhn (A scary movie so he can hold me close!!) In 'some' relationship with: Wooshin (No 'some'. I want a FULL relationship lmao) Pillow talks with: Jinhoo (Awww that would be fun) Often Wearing his closthes: Bit-to (Hahaha would be interesting to see!!)