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OK, so guys, I think bleach should have wrapped itself up a while ago. I know myself and others that don't want an anime to end ever, but for bleach? bleh. it should of ended after beating aizen. I don't even keep up with episodes or manga anymore because it feels... drawn out. does anybody else feel this way?
The anime stopped, but manga is still ongoing. Bleach was my starter anime so I'm sticking with it however long it lasts, but the current arc isn't so bad. Lot's of action and characters we haven't seen fight in previous arcs are coming full force.
The latest chapter! Idk if you guys read it but it's getting serious.
I will stick to it as long as I can I have solutely love the show no matter how drawn out it gets I want them to make another season and add a bunch of fillers😂😂 purely because I do not wish it to end lol and I want to know more about Hanataro's older brother Seinosuke 😍😍
I may have to check out the manga a little more, I kinda followed it after the anime ended and slowly stopped reading