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There's nothing wrong with being a crazy cat lady...

But that doesn't mean you need to look the part; that frumpy stereotype of oversized '90s t-shirts and baggy pants. It's possible to embrace your feline obsession while maintaining a chic appearance - with a sprinkle of quirkiness. Here are some of the most cat-dorable items to seamlessly fit into your existing, modern wardrobe.

Cat Face Semi-Sheer Socks (Nordstrom)

If you have some sense of shame (unlike me) and don't feel totally comfortable strutting about town in full cat gear, you can always opt for this hidden token.

Black Cat iPhone Case (Society6)

So this isn't technically a wardrobe item, but when your phone is on you all the time it should be properly dressed up!

Cat Ear Beanie Hat (Topshop)

I may or may not be currently wearing this...

Cat Cross Body Bag (ASOS)

If you want to get a little more bold, this bag makes quite the statement.

You Must Be Kitten Me Tee (Urban Outfitters)

This shirt is far from the land of cat subtly - but it's still socially acceptable under the guise of a pun. So you can wear it "ironically" (or so you claim).

Calling all cat lovers - how much cat gear would you wear?

fudge yeah!!! I have a lot of cats, one of them purring all over me as I Comment xDD