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"Who are you?" Janae stared at JB and Yoona, noticing the school uniform, "Oh, you go to school with me?" Janae couldn't hide how anxious that possibility made her. "Yes! We do." Yoona was the first to answer the questions, reaching Janae's bedside she continued, "I am Yoona and this is JB. We saw you faint this morning and rushed you to the hospital..." Yoona looked at Janae her face turning serious. "You need to take care of your body, when I saw you suddenly collapse this morning, I was so worried! Please take care of your health." "You should listen to, Yoona. You shouldn't push yourself so hard that you end up in the hospital." JB came towards Janae now, giving her a small lecture, "seeing you in this state causes concern for those around you. So take care of yourself...please" JB blushed when he finished his lecture, not understanding why he felt so protective for this girl he had only just met. "'m fine. You don't need to worry about me." Taken aback, Janae answered her schoolmates, not understanding why they were concerned for her. She thought about it for a moment and decided they were just doing their duty by helping her. But at the back of her mind it was chewing at her, why would they stay to lecture her when they were only doing their part? As silence enveloped the room, as each teen was processing what they had just heard, the doctor decided it was his turn to speak to the ill patient. "Ms. Janae," looking down at his chart for a brief moment "I see this isn't the first time you've been to this hospital. Strange we haven't met yet!" JB and Yoona looked at Janae with surprise, Janae was looking down wishing the moment would pass, "We called your house earlier to inform them. No one answered so we left a message. We also left messages on your mother's and father's cellphones. We are waiting for-" before the doctor could finish, Janae cut him off. "You'll be waiting for a long time then." The doctor gave a confused noise, not understanding what she implied, "Check your charts, doc, they won't come. My family won't. They probably won't even return those phone calls." Whatever Janae felt or thought at that moment, was concealed by a stone face and cold eyes. The doctor looks at her with his eyes wide open, so surprised, wondering how parents can ever be like this. He looks down, feeling bad for her "Well then I'll write you a prescription for some medicine you'll need to take. It's nothing too serious but you need to take care of your health, eat well and try to stay away from anything thing that causes you stress " the doctor said Yoona and JB looked at each other and giving a nod, look at the doctor "We'll take care of her" Janae was so surprised and overwhelmed that her defenses came down and she cried. The doctor puts his hand on JB's shoulder and smiles; leaving the room. JB and Yoona go sit next to janae on the bed trying to make her feel better and stop crying. Yoona comes up with a brilliant plan saying, "Hey you know what, since now we don't really have to go to school anyways, how about we take you to our secret place, me and JB go there whenever we feel sad or stressed" JB looks so excited and jumps off the bed "YES! YES! YES! LET'S GO" Janae and Yoona laugh and say ok. They get out of the hospital, get in the car and begin their journey to The Secret Place.
"Umm...why are we in front of a house?" Janae questioned her companions, mumbling "how is this a secret place..?" She looked back and forth between Yoona and JB's beaming faces. "JB and I live together wi-" "Live together?" Janae stopped walking towards the house, staring at JB and Yoona with suprise. "NO-no. Not like that!!" In a panic JB passionately denied being in any kind of relationship with Yoona, "we are just best friends and because of that we live together. And it's not just Yoona with lives here too, there is Junior, Jackson, Mark, BamBam, Youngjae and Yugeom!" "She understands JB, stop yelling at her" Yoona started laughing. "Wait the school idols live here?" "Yeah, you have to promise to keep it a secret. The boys don't like having a bunch of crazy girls hanging around outside. It's why we call our home The Secret Place. It's where we escape from the stress of life." Janae smiled at the idea of this place, 'a place to escape, huh?'
Yoona and JB took Janae inside and started giving her a tour of their home. Labeling rooms as they walked by. The house was three levels. Downstairs has the kitchen, dinning area and a tv/game room and a laundry room. The biggest room was downstairs and it belonged to Yoona, since it was separated from the boys she got it by default. Yoona shared the room with her boyfriend Junior. Upstairs was where the boys rooms were. On the second floor, The first room was Yugeom's, his door was slightly open and he was at his desk asleep. Across the hall from Yugeom's was BamBam's room. BamBam had his door shut but on his door was a poster of a girl group. Next to BamBam's room was the bathroom. JB had ran ahead and closed that door saying he would never let a girl see the inside of it. Following the bathroom was Jackson's and Mark's room. They were best friends and choose to room together rather than using separate rooms. Going up a third flight of stair wasA Youngjae's, JB's and the room that would have belong to Mark, if he wanted his own room and another bathroom. Janae was amazed by the house and even more amazed she hadn't run into any other person except for her peak at Yugeom. "Where are your housemates?"/"Would you like some water?" Janae and Yoona asked each other at the same time. Janae nodded as Yoona said "they are around her somewhere! I'll round them up and get you a tea! JB take her to the game area and we will meet there okay?" With that Yoona left JB and Janae alone.
JB and Janae stared after Yoona in disbelief. Had she really just left them alone? Together? "Um the game area is on the first floor." JB glanced at Janae long enough to see her nod and started to walk down from the third floor. Janae looked at JB's back and blushed. 'Why am I acting this way around him..?' Janae couldn't understand why she was so quiet and shy around JB or what the feeling in her stomach was. All she could think about was JB and how nice his back looked right now. Distracted by her thoughts and JB Janae didn't notice JB stop at the end of the stairs and turn to say something to her, she didn't even notice the last step-until she missed it and landed in JB's arms. Regaining her senses she looked up and met eyes with a stunned JB. 'Oh wow his eyes are so beautiful' JB stared back at the girl in his arms, his mind blank except for thoughts of the beautiful girl he was holding. Time seemed to stop for JB and Janae As they held each other. They soon forgot where they were and lost themselves in each other. They were blinded to their surroundings so much that they didn't even notice a mischievous Jackson walking up behind them with a knowing grin on his face.
"*ahem*" JB and Janae jumped at the sound "So are you guys going to kiss now, cause this is disgusting" Jackson probed followed by his signature laugh.Janae and JB jumped back from each other and woke up from their daze, and realizing the position they were just caught in,Janae turned, and blushed madly at Jackson as JB began to explain the situation nervously. "Uh you see, I was taking her to the game area to uh meet you guys but fell and I had to catch her so she didn't, you know, fall and get hurt and so-" Jackson interrupted JB's ramble and laughed putting out his hand saying "Hi I'm Jackson" giving his most charming smile to Janae. Janae feeling a bit relieved by this shakes Jackson's hand "I'm Janae" Nodding Jackson turns to JB asking "Where did Yoona go off too?" Just as Yoona comes up behind Jackson. "hey guys I got the tea!" sensing the tense atmosphere Yoona exchanges glances with the three. JB, who would barely look at her, Jackson who just flashed her a smirk and Janae who avoided her gaze altogether. "What happened since I left?" Jackson taking this as his queue to dispel any awkwardness he turns and squeezes Yoona.
"Hey Yoona guess who tried on your new dress?" Jackson gave Yoona a playful grin. "Oh no. You did not." "Hahaha no I didn't but BamBam did." "BAMBAM!!" Yoona ran to BamBam's door and threw it open with Jackson close behind. Janae and JB here Yoona screaming at BamBam with Jackson laughing in the background. After giving each other a look, JB And Janae went after Yoona and Jackson, to try to calm the situation down. "BamBam! How dare you wear my new dress!! With out my permission!!!!" "Yoona, I didn't know! Jackson handed it to me and told me to wear it!!" BamBam pleaded. "Jackson!!" "Dude! You weren't supposed to tell her that!" "You weren't supposed to tell her I tried it on!!" "Guys lets clam down" JB interrupted the fight, trying to calm things down. "Why did you go into my room, Jackson?! Why would you go along with one of his schemes BamBam?!" Junior was the first to arrive checking out the noise "Why is my Baby, upset?" He asked Yoona. "These idiots took my new dress and tried it on!!" "Yo Jackson, what did you do this time?" Mark walked up followed by Youngjae and Yugeom. Soon it was a yelling match consisting more of explanations of the situation to those who weren't involved and then yelling back. JB was still trying to control the chaos with Janae standing next to him. Janae seeing the fighting and yelling took a step back starting to feel a familiar anxiety come up. JB noticing her back up yells into the jumble of people, "hey guys! Stop! I have to introduce Janae to you!" At the mention of someone new, and a girl, the boys went quiet. Except for Jackson who was acting smug for having met her already, which earned a smack upside the head from Yoona. BamBam who saw Janae and was the most excited by a girl being in the home, looked at Janae and, in a cutesy voice, said "well then introduce her already~" "This is Janae" JB said, giving BamBam a slight glare, "She goes to school with us." Being introduced, Janae took a step forward and nodded her head slightly to hide her blush "Nice to meet you." Seeing her do this, the boys went crazy again. BamBam saying he has fallen in love, went to stand in front of Janae and took her hand. "You are beautiful~" he pulled her hand to his chest and tried to hug her. But JB suddenly getting very bothered by the attention Janae was receiving, especially from the little kid BamBam, pulling him back. "Aish! JB! Why did you take me away from Janae." Giving BamBam another glare JB answered "You'll scare her away if you act that like." Directing his attention to the rest of the boys "so will all of you if you keep acting this way. She will get use to all of you but it's going to take time." Mark spoke up "let's watch a movie! Ihave just the movie we can watch!" "Okay, I'll cook popcorn." Yoona piped in. "I'll help" Jackson decided, following Yoona to the kitchen. "I'll go get the movie and set up" Mark left and BamBam and Yugeom raced to the tv. Leaving JB and Janae to walk with Youngjae and Junior.
Once they got to the tv room, Youngjae joined BamBam and Yugeom in fighting over the middle and Junior went to check on his girlfriend. Janae took a seat at the edge of the couch, trying to be out of the way. JB sat down next to her. Soon the rest of the boys joined them on the couch squishing JB and Janae together. JB was uncomfortable with his arms being smashed by Jackson, who was sitting sitting next to him, so him adjusted them so his right arm was on the couch behind Janae. Yoona walked in and searched for Junior and squeezed, and snuggled, in next him. Causing everyone to have to squish together more. Leaving Janae with no choice but to lean on JB's chest, since she had no room to lay back on the couch. JB's heart pounded and the sight of Janae in his arms gave him a feeling he didn't know. All he knew was he felt protective of this small girl he just met today. Feeling a warm stare, Janae looked up and locked eyes with JB and the nervousness was back and she wondered what it was that made her feel so nervous just by looking at his face.
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