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We all want amazing hair. It's inevitable.

You've searched every counter and store shelf trying to find the one product that will transform your hair into sultry locs. Trust me, you're not the only one. When it comes to women, we take pride in our clothing and our hair of course. Because what's a finished look without an amazing head of hair, right? Exactly.
If you've found yourself browsing the web trying to figure out how some of your favorite celebrities keep their hair in tip top shape, look no further. Of course, everyone loves a good hack. Especially when it's a hack that caters to your hair needs. Keep scrolling to get in the know with these amazing hair hacks that will literally transform not only your hair, but your life.

Hack #1: Humidity does the hair good.

"Solange Knowles—she of the mighty and beautiful mane—told Glamour that she amps up the volume in her hair by standing in the bathroom post-shower and soaking up the humidity. “I stand outside the shower and let the steam make my hair bigger,” she told the magazine. “Also, I never really shampoo; I co-wash [use only conditioner] instead.”"

Hack #2: Mayo isn't just for sandwiches.

"Some might argue Blake Lively has surpassed the It-girl moniker—A-lister, mogul, or fashion icon might be more appropriate—but no one can deny her ability to spur trends. Thus, we practically beelined to our nearest Whole Foods when Lively revealed to us that she puts mayonnaise on the ends of hair before showering. Supposedly, this prevents the shampoo from stripping your ends or making them brittle."

Hack #3: Only use conditioner.

"Jennifer Aniston told us this tip, as did Dree Hemingway and pretty much half of Hollywood: Shampoo less. Hemingway told us she doesn’t even own a blow-dryer, and barely shampoos, opting for conditioner instead. So go ahead, give your blow-dryer a break and try air-drying instead."

Hack #4: Use your face mist on your hair.

"Your favorite face mist now has another purpose—to add moisture to your strands. Lucy Hale shared this trick with us, and it involves spritzing Evian’s Facial Water Spray on her ends after flatironing to tame frizziness. Genius."

Hack #5: Incorporate cooking products.

"Why limit your hair products to the ones in your bathroom? Jamie Chung told us that she uses coconut oil from Trader Joe’s as a hair mask to repair all the damage from sun, chemicals, and other products. “I like to use coconut oil and put it on the ends—only the ends, starting about four inches from my roots—and leave it on for a good 10 minutes,” she says. “Then, you just go through your regular shower routine.”"

Hack #6: Your hair could use a drink.

"Had a wild night? Don’t throw away those beer cans just yet. Anna Ewers—Alexander Wang muse and model of the moment—told us she pours beer in her hair for volume and swears “it actually works.” We have to admit we’re slightly dubious—and what about the smell?—but her perfectly tousled blond strands might just tempt us to try it."

Hack #7: Use a face brush.

"Gigi Hadid’s ponytail game is always strong, and she told Into the Gloss her secret: “For baby hairs, I have a face brush from Sephora … that I spray with hairspray to push back anything leftover from when I pull it all into a ponytail, but I guess you could use a toothbrush.”"
Let your hair thank you.

What hair hacks do you happen to be familiar with?

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