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It's Ladies Week! First off, I am really proud of myself. Last year, I would probably be a little challenged bc I didn't really listen to girl groups. But I've branched out and this was so easy to list :) Hope you guys like my selections!
( ๑॔˃̶◡ ˂̶๑॓)৴♡

Lee Hi // Fool

-big sigh- How does she manage to put such a raw emotion in her music? This is one of my favorites. Did you guys know she's 5'1? How cuteee! ♡

Jessi // 쎈언니

Perfect addition to ladies week! She takes no sh*t. She is damn proud of who she is. Her songs always get me super pumped to kick as*. She not only raps well but have you heard her sing? She kills!

Red Velvet // Ice Cream Cake

I wasn't too familiar with Red Velvet until this year and I feel stupid. They're amazing!

Ailee // Goodbye My Love

I f*cking loved this drama! Who else watched it? Ailee has an amazing deliverance. EVERY time this song came on...straight in the feels.

SNSD // Lion Heart

The chorus is so addictive!

Hyuna ft. Yuk Ji Dam // Ice Ice

There are two versions to this song but I really like the one with Ji Dam ♡ ♡

Cheetah // My Number

My love for Cheetah knows no bounds lol Does anyone else watch her on V app? She's adorable! I'd love to meet her one day.

2NE1 // Missing You

I MISS YOU 2NE1! You left us with Crush (which was amazing from start to finish!) and I will be waiting for your comeback!

EXID // Every Night

The ending of this video kinda grossed me out. Lol But i still love the song

F(X) // Paper Heart

I have too many favorites from fx. Random pick XD
Fanmade vid ftw!
Thanks @MattK95 for the challenge!
@RobertMarsh That's how I pick friends too ㅋㅋㅋ
@MattK95 Thanks! I'm sad we'll see CL before 2NE1 lol I miss their music D:
Lee Hi, Jessi, R.V., Ailee, SNSD, 2NE1, EXID, f(x),....we can totally be friends
Loooooved your song choices, the Lion Heart chorus is super addictive and gets stuck in my head so easily, so does the Paper Heart chorus! Cheetah is fast becoming one of my favourite people, and Jessi is awesome as well. Ailed is a total queen, but I'm probably the most excited about the inclusion of 2NE1 in this list, I miss them so much T-T
2ne1 are queens!! Jessi is my love! She's soo perfect and her rapping and singing skills are amazing!!! And did I mention she's gorgeous 😍😍hyuna.......stunning!
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