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It's Ladies Week! First off, I am really proud of myself. Last year, I would probably be a little challenged bc I didn't really listen to girl groups. But I've branched out and this was so easy to list :) Hope you guys like my selections!
( ๑॔˃̶◡ ˂̶๑॓)৴♡

Lee Hi // Fool

-big sigh- How does she manage to put such a raw emotion in her music? This is one of my favorites. Did you guys know she's 5'1? How cuteee! ♡

Jessi // 쎈언니

Perfect addition to ladies week! She takes no sh*t. She is damn proud of who she is. Her songs always get me super pumped to kick as*. She not only raps well but have you heard her sing? She kills!

Red Velvet // Ice Cream Cake

I wasn't too familiar with Red Velvet until this year and I feel stupid. They're amazing!

Ailee // Goodbye My Love

I f*cking loved this drama! Who else watched it? Ailee has an amazing deliverance. EVERY time this song came on...straight in the feels.

SNSD // Lion Heart

The chorus is so addictive!

Hyuna ft. Yuk Ji Dam // Ice Ice

There are two versions to this song but I really like the one with Ji Dam ♡ ♡

Cheetah // My Number

My love for Cheetah knows no bounds lol Does anyone else watch her on V app? She's adorable! I'd love to meet her one day.

2NE1 // Missing You

I MISS YOU 2NE1! You left us with Crush (which was amazing from start to finish!) and I will be waiting for your comeback!

EXID // Every Night

The ending of this video kinda grossed me out. Lol But i still love the song

F(X) // Paper Heart

I have too many favorites from fx. Random pick XD
Fanmade vid ftw!
Thanks @MattK95 for the challenge!
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@RobertMarsh yes I did, when I heard that at the start I was expecting great things from their song "Party" but it turns out I couldn't stand that song... Girls Generation are a bit hit and miss for me I either like it or really don't
2 years ago·Reply
I wasn't a fan of that one either but lion heart and cool like me were both great @MattK95
2 years ago·Reply
@RobertMarsh both are major improvements on Party :)
2 years ago·Reply
@aabxo I've been having Park Bom withdrawals T-T
2 years ago·Reply
2ne1 are queens!! Jessi is my love! She's soo perfect and her rapping and singing skills are amazing!!! And did I mention she's gorgeous 😍😍hyuna.......stunning!
2 years ago·Reply