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When one thing in life seems to be picking up momentum other things tend to stall and sometimes just die. I'm trying my absolute best to become and be the change that I want to see in the world, I suppose heartache will only be a stipulation in doing so. Maybe the change I want to see in hidden behind these dark clouds of uncertainty and confusion, they say that's all a part of growth. That includes outgrowing certain people and things. That shouldn't suggest that we can't be a cohesive unit, working together putting our differences to good use. Opposites attract, right? I'm rabbling, I'm confused, I'm being cryptic leaving no context for you all and I'm sorry. Change is just constant and often times so, so, so unexpected. So much is at stake, I guess I'm afraid of my lack of control over these situations but I'm putting my trust in the process and leaving it to the universe. ✌
Even though I don't know the details of your situation @Theearliestbird, it sounds like a really difficult place to be in. I think I've experienced similar pains. My heart goes out to you my friend <3 If there's one thing we can be sure of in life, it's change. And heartbreak is certainly a part of that ride. But the good thing is, even though we can't always control the circumstances of life, we CAN control how we deal with them. I hope you have some healthy ways of doing so – from the photos above (is that you?? haha) it looks like you have :)
Yes that is me and I am dealing with it the best I can, thank you @allischaaff. You're certainly right about change being definite but I'm looking at it with as much awareness as possible. Learning 🙏