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So here's a test footage of my carnage suit :) let me just say this right now I'm NOT THE ONE IN THE SUIT in this video :) they guy who made the suit for me is the one testing it out :) ^_^ but any ways here it is :) I hope you guys like it and enjoy :) and ones again I am going to be at STANLEE'S COMICKAZE at the end if this month :) if you guys see me say HI or take a pic with me hahah :) THE CREATOR OF THIS AWESOME SUIT IS [[LEON ALVES]] ^_^ all credit to him for my suit :) enjoy guys!! @morganrianna @hikaymm @electica @aniz809 @shannonl5
@IshmumDesu no heheh x) the guy who made it is testing the suit out lol in the video :)
look really cool, did u make it ?
@SusiBosshammer HAHAHAH Tessa lol 😆 this is he's work out routine Lol and thank man ^_^ it's pretty epic! Haha
so this is an inside look at Carnage's workout routine! I always wanted to know how to get those muscles lol but in all seriousness that is one BADASS costume!
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