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IT'S FRIDAY! TGIF ❤ I hope everyone enjoys the weekend! I'm not sure if I'll be able to post Saturday or Sunday Block B since I'll be away and not sure if I'll have a strong signal to post. I'll try! if not I'll have to postpone it till next week! sorry! here's your Friday member Taeil! Enjoy! I tag people whether I know you or not @IGot7forever @CristelaLoz @AuraKyoshiro
DID YOU SEE HIS BROADCAST ON THE V APP???!!!! Taeils aquarium! So cute I almost died!!!
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@CristelaLoz yes I did! I overslept though and my missed 12 but dang it was long! but he was so cute~ he loves his fishes so much and knows his fishes lol
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@BlockBVillains Lol I know right! XD yeah he does it was adorable especially when he would look at how many hearts he had and he was so happy about it😌
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