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Wayne Simmons pulled off the Catalina Wine Mixer of lies on a resume and got away with it for decades.
Regular Fox News viewers will recognize the mug of Wayne Simmons, a guest since 2002 on shows like Your World with Neil Cavuto and Fox and Friends. If you also watch the channel heavily, you know that Simmons claimed to have a 27 year stint with the CIA. Rightfully so, he was titled a "terrorism expert" for FOX News.
Unfortunately for Fox, Simmons may have faked his entire career because he was arrested on Thursday and charged with a number of offenses.
Simmons will face a grand jury, and the allegations are serious. Below are the charges:
“Simmons is accused of falsely claiming that he worked as an ‘outside paramilitary special operations officer’ for the CIA from 1973 to 2000. On Fox, this was often shortened to ‘former CIA operative.’ He was also indicted for using that false claim to gain government security clearances and an assignment as a defense contractor, where he advised senior military personnel overseas.”
He could face 35 years behind bars if convicted on these fraud charges.
How does this happen?
Fox News should be ashamed of themselves for this. By putting Simmons out there to the viewers to share his thoughts on serious matters really hurts the credibility of the network.

I mean, has anyone at FOX ever heard of a background check? Sheesh!

Wow, what the hell. It's hard to keep following the news when more and more people continue to lie cheat and steal the trust of the American public.
@straightshooter he actually worked for NBC. :) I seriously do NOT understand how anyone in journalism does not do a background check! That should have been the first thing they did before they put this guy on tv, especially for someone claiming to be from the CIA. Smh. Stupid!
Someone from Fox News talks crap....shock, horror!
Yikes. I feel like more organizations need to step up with who they hire. we need really good journalists!
@InPlainSight well i never really though of cnn, msnbc, or abc, or cbs as news either. i used to watch fox news but now i cant stand watching it. i watch O'Reilly and Hannity and thats it
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