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Natsu Dragneel: My Dad My dad, with Natsu as my dad it would be awesome to go on adventures and how to fight with him. Of course we would disagree a lot and actually fight but it would be fun. Natsu would be able to everything and nore as a dad but also as a bonus I automatically get Uncle Happy! Anyone want fish I had some last night lol
Krul Tepes: My mother With her as my mom I would jave the disciplinary parent I know I would need with Natsu as my dad. She is dazeling dominate and the right amount of inquisitive to me that it would be fun having her on adventures to plus vampire dragon slayer sounds awesome!!! I wish there were good anime with werewolves in them though lol I challenge @KakashixNinja @Ash2424701 @shannon15 to take the my anime parents challenge @RosePark @Poojas
@KakashixNinja the way the challenge works is by naming who you would want for anime parents and why basically
Right werewolf anime would be pretty awesome they don't get a lot of spot light tho smh
to be honest with Natsu youll be eating all the time lol
@GiovanniSolorza I can't decide. itS so hard to choose. haha.
@GiovanniSolorza so how does this challenge go exactly?
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