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Wheel Of Fortune is one of the rare few games on television that has held value for decades.

Some things in life get old. Watching someone make a fool out of themselves on national television isn't one of them.

On Thursday’s episode of Wheel of Fortune, a contestant named Shermian had several letters to a puzzle with the category of “Things.” With the finish line just a couple obvious letters away, the contestant has a meltdown in front of a live studio audience.
As a diehard Wheel of Fortune watcher, it’s pretty obvious that the first word here is “stars.”
Sadly, our contestant misses that word. How? I don't know, but they miss is and she delivers an answer MILES off the actual correct answer of the puzzle.
Think I'm joking, hit the link of the video above.
I mean, how does this happen?
Let’s break this thing down:
-There’s already a ‘T’ in the puzzle. The first word can’t be “start.”
-The fourth word says “night” not “right.”
-There’s already an ‘A’ in the puzzle. The last word can’t be “way.”
How does the contestant drop the ball like this? I mean they have been working on this puzzle for a couple minutes now, so you have to have some idea where you stand.. I think.
at least the cute one won lol
It's "stars in the night sky"
How is Vanna White STILL working for Wheel of Fortune? She's spent her entire life turning letters.
turning letters and tricks. Oo lmfao