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Lucky Charms is the Lebron James of cereal.
It has a little bit of everything for anyone. Parents love it due to the oats. Kids love it because of the marshmellows.
Sadly, parents are often the ones cutting the check so kids often get Corn Flakes, which I like to call a "cold bowl of punishment," but that's a topic for another day.

Today General Mills did the kids a solid as they are releasing an all-marshmallow box of cereal!

That's right, Lucky Charms is letting loose boxes of cereal with all marshmallows!

A marshmallow-only box of Lucky Charms has been made. But, here’s the catch: Only 10 of us will get to experience this marvel of the cereal universe.

In order to be one of the lucky 10, you have to take a selfie holding your imaginary box of cereal, post it to Instagram or Twitter, and use the hashtag #Lucky10Sweepstakes.
Good luck everyone!
first cereal, next you’ll be eating primarily that and spaghettios @ButterflyBlu @MelissaMae maybe in the future?
LOL we saw this commercial last night. My son was excited about the cereal. (ME TOOOOO!) But I was lmao at the song. It's so good! I watched it about 10 times. My son - only 7 - said, "mom, he's kinda bad..." I almost grounded the punk. I will have this cereal. @AimeeH AIMES! I've missed you, sister. Where has you been?! Wait... midterms? I will enter, too. If we win, we can share with the other! <3
@nicolejb lol I have a 7 y/o. Of course we love our Spaghettios!! Though, if I'd let him, we'd eat nothing but Mac & Cheese. I have to be the voice of reason here! *cough to stifle laughing*
@ButterflyBlu yeasss! I'm surviving as much as I can
@nicolejb, you can get away with a lot of awesome and strange things when your primary companion is a 7 year old boy!!! Lol
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