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Sometimes it's worth the splurge.

Life is way too short to not buy the bag, the shoes or the jacket that you're lusting over. It's nice to splurge on yourself every now and then because you deserve it. You work five days a week and put in ten times the effort to provide for yourself on a daily basis, so why not? Giving yourself a reward every now and then is a great way of saying, "you deserve this" because you do. It's no secret that the Parisians sense of style is impeccable. Why else would we follow every single trend they come up with?
Well, this trend doesn't seem to exempt and I'm talking about their obsession with the designer Chloe. You can literally see how much they obsess over these designer handbags by checking out the hashtag specifically for their love on Instagram under #chloeGIRLS. Yes, it's that real. I mean, do we really blame them? The bag is absolutely drool worthy. We all have that one designer bag we want, but haven't gained the courage to splurge on just yet. Keep scrolling to see these women obsess over their Chloe bag and maybe it will inspire you to treat yourself.

Like they say, "If the shoe fits than buy it".

Same goes for the bag.