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She's a YouTube sensation telling it like it is.

If you're not familiar with famous YouTuber Lilly Singh better known as IISuperwomanII on YouTube, I suggest you get familiar. This young sensation is known for her videos that incorporate spoofs, jokes and real life situations. You'll never watch one of her videos without getting in a good laugh or two. Her videos are always extremely relatable and this one in particular happens to be a video that touches on a topic that usually wouldn't fall under humor -- but she makes it work.
In the video [seen above] Lilly gives us the low down on the five common mistakes we make in relationships. Although the topic is meant to be extremely serious, you can't watch without breaking at least a smile. The fact that she has the ability to tackle such a topic and still make us feel a sense of happiness shows that she is definitely the real deal. If you're interested in finding out the five mistakes people make in relationships to prevent yourself from making in the future or just want to get hip to a new YouTuber, check out the video above.
Yeah... She's amazing. I'm not kidding when I say I spent basically a whole day just streaming her videos on YouTube. She's such an amazing person. I also really loved how she highlighted how we all have flaws and are not perfect, because it's true. I'm sure as heck not perfect, but that doesn't mean I don't have good traits. Even though I struggle with finding my self-validation (I'm actually in the process of finding it) I know I have good traits. This video speaks the truth; though believe me, we all know there is sooooo many mistakes that HUMANS make in relationships. The list could go on and on. @jordanhamilton Thanks for posting this on Vingle, because everyone, including myself, can and will be benefit from this video if we all take action and fix the five mistakes that we make.
WOW, shes Hot!.. Her amazing common sense advice has me all in "awwh" of her intellectual depth and philosophical understanding... to think I've had 10+ years of professional "couch based therapy", tens of thousands of dollars at $100 a pop, one 45 minute "couch ride" at a time, chased by massive doses of Ritalin, Adderal, Xanex, & Lithium to cope with my life and relationship dysfunctions and to think all i needed was THIS 8 minute you tube video..... Sweet I'm all better now...@jordanhamilton... your much hotter than this chick...I think were ready for happily ever AFTER now....LMAO....real was a cute video
Awwww!!! @KDramaKPop1015 your comment made my day. I actually spent almost a full day watching her videos awhile back as well. I am so happy, that this video spoke to so many people and you're so right, none of us are perfect -- but that doesn't mean that we don't possess amazing traits. Continue being positive. Someone else might just benefit from it :)
No problem at all :) I'm so glad I'm not the only one & believe me, keeping it 100 happens to be my middle name. Okay, not really! haha @jazziejazz and @allischaaff you already know you're my fave!!! thanks for the love and I'm glad that you appreciated this video.
so do I! she is amazing @CristelaLoz
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