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Yea or Nay

New Beenzino song released sometime Friday October 9 and I had my first listen last week Friday.
Do I like? Yes and No
This song is very different from Beenzino's previous songs and the style seems to be a step into a different direction. But the song is very Beenzino. What does that mean anyway?
I'll be honest, I didn't like it at first because I don't usually listen to songs like this. With a beat encompassed in a flavor of the past, mixing this sort of jazz and blues feel with a mean drum, and bass line, but then grabbing in a taste of indie rock or something to that effect with the keyboard and synthesizers. All of this over lapping into each but in a way complimenting and completing it's flavor. And there is also an addictive hook.
Hooks like this reminds me very much of pop songs I try not to like but end up singing and listening to them on repeat anyway. It's almost as if Beenzino took note from Pharrel's ridiculously popular Happy song. I deeply hated to love that song but I soon found myself knowing the lyrics that didn't really make sense to me and dancing to the beat whenever I heard the song.
But there is a difference with this song. This song isn't bad. This is a Beenzino song and like the talented rapper that he is, Beenzino once again poured is heart into the lyrics and layered his natural rapid-fire rhymes over the beat thus creating this masterpiece called 'Break'.
Like Beenzino said, 'I wanna be myself. I wanna be different. So let me be imperfect.' Beenzino is clearly throwing shots at all of his haters again with his clever lyrics. And I agree. Beenzino needs to break the mold of stereo-typical hip-hop rap music. We've already started doing it in America. It's only right that Beenzino also gets to make his mark doing what he loves with the talent he has.
what do you guys think of this song
sorry I just tagged whoever
@DasiaB I found the lyrics but no english so I'm gonna try to translate and post it (been working on that all wkend) @BluBear07 and @thePinkPrincess I agree this isn't really my top song but I've been listening to it all wkend to find it's charm and I think it has grown on me but Beenzino has done better but I'll let him be "different" and try out different styles of music lol
I like beenzinos music style but I'm not fond of this song at all. But after a few listens I'm sure it will start to grow on me.
lol you guys @Kamiamon and @PassTheSuga eonnie you know I don't mean who ever like that right??? @PassTheSuga eonnie you know when it comes to rap and hip hop your the first to come to mind right right ^-*< *hugs hugs*
Just whoever.....😒(T ^ T)..... but any who I loved the rawness of the instrumental. Its a different sound from the typical and I dig that.
I love it XP
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