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Do you dye your hair , but need to bleach it first?
We all know what bleaching does to our hair. But we tend do it anyway. Nobody wants to bleach their hair in a fear of killing it . But don't worry :)! I have a solution to that problem.
Here is a DIY i do at my home for free. Coconut oil is just what you need :) of course you can go through with all those oil treatments but most treatments can be expensive. Here's a tip for everybody :) take a jar of coconut oil and place it in a bowl of hot water, don't fill it all the way, just enough to melt it. Drench your hair in just enough oil as needed and put a shower cap on and leave it in over night then rinse in the morning:) and your hair will feel amazing! Follow up by a coconut shampoo/conditioning wash once a week. Or until you are satisfied! :)