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He woke up in a cold sweat again. That was the third time this week and still no reason to show for it. He reached slowly for his canteen, it should be somewhere on his right side where he left it. With a light tap, he feels himself knock it over, the trickle of water rushing out to escape the neck of his canteen heard in the night. He jolted his arm out to grip it and put it upright once more, sacrificing a bit of his water to the dirt in his wanton lethargy. The lazy man works twice as hard. His father used to say that a lot, it was annoyingly apropos at the moment.

He took a swig of the remnants of his water and placed it back down beside his cot, sure to put the cap on it this time. There wasn't much to this training so far, but he thought that he would feel a lot better about the entire thing had he chosen this path. No one chooses this path, he thought. That's the thing about losing though, losers don't get to decide a thing.

It was clear sleep would not find him tonight, so he thought he might fancy himself a late shower. With no one tending the facility this late, it would just be a simple matter of getting inside. Having not showered in over a week, and not being slated for one for another week, the motivation for getting inside wasn't hard to muster. He gathered the necessities and stuck them in a small ruck sack, laid right over his shoulder, with that he was out of his tent and into the sheer cold. The environment was unforgiving, blistering heat in the day, and bone-chilling at night. The ever-constant dust in the air certainly didn't help either weather situation, a shower would however.

As he crept up to the fence keeping him from the shower he spied a break in the razor-sharp metal at the top, where it was cut and welded together from two different bases. This made it jut out to a lesser degree, which didn't mean much to anyone, but everything to Six. He threw his bag over the fence and spidered up to the top, just before the teeth. With one hand able to find a place in between the teeth, it was a simple matter of upper body strength to hoist oneself up and over the fence.

When his boots touched the ground, he thought to himself how easily that could have gone wrong, from the takeoff to the landing. Yet the idea of life without risk saddened Six, so he he shrugged it off. He was sure to slip off his clothes outside the facility, to remove the risk of leaving a mark inside its corridors; as sly as it was, leaving him a slope of a man in the frigid air just the same. Through the door he heard the sound of running water and knew he wasn't alone, but the idea wasn't enough to dissuade Six from entering the showers. After all, whosoever laid beyond the hall was breaking the rules as well, so they couldn't point a finger to him.

He crept inside slowly, inch by inch for what felt like an eternity, before making his way to the open bay showers. There would be no room to hide from the first rule-breaker anyway.

A person, Six expected to see, but a female he was unprepared for. This meant that an officer was currently breaking the rules and that Six could easily be a scapegoat to let her get off without repercussions. He backed out of the room even slower than he entered it, keeping his eyes on the blonde in the showers the whole time. This was to make sure she didn't see him before he saw her, he justified. As he was mostly out the door he heard her voice.
"Surely you didn't come all this way just to NOT bathe, right?" He stopped and looked in her direction to see her beckoning him forth with her finger. According to the rules of the regiment he fell under, disobedience of an officer was not tolerated, NOT bathing would be a crime at this point. Six slipped inside the showers and took the one furthest from her, letting the hot water rush through him and slowly knock away the accumulated dirt and grime taking up residence on his body. "You know, it would be easier to talk if you were just right beside me, I wouldn't have to be this loud." She said, a smirk on her face. Six was nervous.
He walked across to her side and shared a shower head with her, this was the closest Six had been to a woman, and it made him uneasy. "Yes ma'am." He whispered as he began to scrub his body with a bar of soap from his bag.

"Yes, that's much better." She started, giggling at Six's evident trepidation to make eye contact. "I'm Captain Mayhue, but you can call me Ana, at least in here." She laughed a bit again. Her accent was foreign to Six, she sounded like she was bred with regality, and it simply had to exude with every word.

"Yes Ma'am." There was a silence as Six continued to clean himself, and Ana herself. He tried his best to keep his eyes to himself, but in a totalitarian, militarized wasteland, Ana was a meal for Six's famished eyes.

"So what's your name?" She asked as she let the steam part from her body.

"Six." He cleared his throat before speaking, fearing the dust trapped in his lungs might take his words away.

"No no, your REAL name."

"Six." He said matter-of-factly.

"Hm, poor boy, you must have been born into this. Well...Six, I have a question for you." He wiped the mud dripping from his face as he looked at her eyes. "Would you leave this place if you could?"
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You're welcome. I'm sure you're writing are very well done. (I do little writings myself but too scared to show people) and I can't wait to read what happens next. ^.^
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This is my first ever excerpt written on my phone, don't really love the platform, but one must make due with what one has. But like I said, I have a bunch of works stored on my laptop, and I'll probably just dump a ton of stories on here when I get back in November.
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Well, I'll be waiting to see them then ^.^
2 years agoReply
I love to write also and I that story was quite intriguing馃槃 if you want can you read part of my story for school? I want some constructive criticism and not just "Nice story" but again, I like your writing a lot馃榾
2 years agoReply
Sure 馃槉
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