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Hey Vinglers!

Welcome to the Love and Relationship community. I actually wanted to try something a little new. On Friday's, I have decided to dedicate one random image of a couple to this specific community and have people comment with their own caption [something short and sweet]. I think it would be a great way for us to get a good laugh in and communicate amongst one another. I will try my best and switch the images up week to week.
I want to try and challenge everyone to think outside of the box and whoever happens to have the best caption will be featured in my card the following week. If you're interested, check out the image above, put on your thinking cap and leave your best caption in the comment box below. Don't be shy and speak your mind. On your mark. Get set. GO!
Let the games begin and be sure to tag a friend or two.
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"How do I tell him that he's walking in the wrong direction? We've been going the wrong way for hours all I want to do is take a nap this is so awkward oh no oh no oh no"
2 years ago·Reply
"I thought he said he wanted me to be one of the guys! Why did I have to fart?!!"
2 years ago·Reply
I CANNOT DEAL!!!! lol I want to choose a winner now lol five more days. You guys are absolutely hilarious by the way.
2 years ago·Reply
@IMDEEPINIT story of my life
2 years ago·Reply
My personal caption wouldve been "Damn why did i swing? We could've talked it out.. How imma get home?!" LOL
2 years ago·Reply