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So here's a sneak peek at my upcoming project about Jin and the rest of BTS. But mostly Jin lol. Enjoy!!! ~\(≧▽≦)/~
"Owww..." I opened my eyes and squinted at the brightness of the room. "What happened? Where am I?" I said to myself. All I remembered was going to my first BTS concert. My friends and I were so excited about seeing our biases. And we were not disappointed at all. It was awesome and I got to see Jin!! Then I remembered leaving the concert and seeing Jin and the rest of BTS getting ready to leave. I saw Jin and immediately yelled his name. He turned and glanced at me. That was the last thing I saw before I was knocked out by some crazed fans. Upon remembering that moment I reached to touch my head to find a bandage. It stinged like hell!!! "This is just great." I said talking to no one. At that moment I heard my room door open and a figure carrying something. All my breath left my body when I saw its face.
I couldn't believe my eyes...right there in my very room was Jin.. He gave me a smirk and I suddenly felt really dizzy. Everything was getting darker. It took me about 3 seconds to realize that I was fainting from shock.
I can't wait~~
Tag me please.😊
I want taaags! @wllmvns teases me with sneak peek... u_u
Baby doll please tag me! I'd enjoy reading it! You're doing really well in writing fanfics!
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