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Well lets talk real frenimies for a sec. These two, Naruto and Sasuke, were technically friends on the slick side in the beginning but as time passes by/ they began hating each other for all sorts of reasons. The reason it is my fav anime is becuz of the reasons they hate each other from the mid to the end. Put it like this....People change in due time. They both wanted to prove their strengths to see who was the strongest. Turns out in their final battle-Things get emotional wen they both lose an arm in the fight. And turns out they both actually have secret feelings about each other. ^_^ for so long they've held these feelings in. But naruto had been showing his a little before sasuke tho. Well I just felt the need to show my real feelings for this anime tho cuz ive watched it for so long. Ever since it was on CN. Sasuke and Naruto are mhy childhood to grown age anime frenemies nd i felt that I really grew up with these guys. I just love this anime for all sorts of reasons!!!