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Yupp you read that right and if you believe in the power of Back To The Future (an amazing trilogy that everyone should rewatch right now) then the 2015 World Series is going to the Chicago Cubs in a brilliant sweep.
In Back To The Future II time traveling Marty McFly ends up in 2015 with a holographic news story blaring the Cubs have just won the World Series. Thats something that hasn't happened since 1908! Screenwriter Bob Gale recently said that he chose the most unlikely thing to ever happen aka the Cubs winning and the audiences ate it up!! And now, 2 decades later the impossible has become way less impossible!! The Mets have not beat the Cubs in a season game yet this year and will face off with them tomorrow night.
And as a New Yorker, I can't help but root for the Mets since my Yankees have let me down so hard. Butttttt, as someone who is so ready to get mind blown, the Cubs winning would just prove that time traveling exists ..... right?
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@jokes @David19Flo23 @KyleBerke @DannyMoses @jeff4122 What do you guys think is going to happen haha
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But but! the movie says so @mchlyang!! ;)
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@nicolejb True...I guess we'll just have to wait and see!
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The Cubs have the ability to stage a comeback, but not if they continue to play like they did the last two. Cubs in 7 or Mets in 6.
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