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It's funny how little we American's (I'm born and raised in NYC), think about what the world thinks of us. And yes we do say and hear things like:
"They [the rest of the world?] hate us."
"We are #1 in the world."
"We are the ones who are truly free."
But we don't actually THINK about the rest of the world or their opinions.
And whether you believe any of these 3 things or not, I found an amazing video asking real people from around the world what they think about when they think of America.
Its fascinating.
And not shocking. But it certainly stirs up some of the thoughts that I had while I was backpacking Europe.
I remember glancing over at a man reading the paper on the 4 hour train from Switzerland to Germany and yet France was the headline.

I remember rethinking how weird that was...that a whole different country was news.

And it reminded me of how cocooned Americans are. We study American history forever but jam World History (Global) into half a semester. Lets be real we only ever hear bad stuff about other countries and it is always only in reference to us and the war we are waging with or against them.
I am reminded that I really have no idea where those middle states actually are on a map unless its labeled.
I could not ask the friends I met at the hostels about their politics because I didn't even know if they had a president, prime minister, or Queen yet they told me exactly who they want to vote for, if they liked Obama, and what they think America is doing wrong (college tuition).
I am remind that I speak one language and expect people to understand me, yet around the world most people are AT LEAST bilingual.
I am reminded that the world doesn't actually hate us.
That we are believed to be the land of dreams, the country paved with gold, the culture shock of a life time.
But when our ignorance and egos start to show, that is when the world wishes to turns it back. Because their are so many cultures, languages, and traditions that we know nothing about and it would be a pity if we didn't get the chance to learn about them.
So go somewhere new, because America really only offers you one story, and its a half remembered one at that.
That's true right there! like I want to travel to South korea and london someday! maybe even move there! and I hope you get to experience the world too! :D
@amobigbang YESSS and I have family in the south whose textbooks teach the civil war SUPER DIFFERENT (clearly their still bitter haha) but I love all history but global and especially European history like the French Revolution was sooo interesting to me! I'm a huge reader so I am always on the hunt for stories and non fictions that will shed some light onto other livessssss
I guess it depends on how you were raised. I was always engulfed in other world cultures. I even took and was always encouraged at home to take different world literature classes and history classes. In fact I hated and still hated American history. I'm always skipping out the American box to explore other cultures. but my family is, Native American, Mexican, Samoan. I did complain as a history minor thst our school required a bland selection of classes. American History courses were required but World History courses like HST CHINA AND JAPAN, HST EUROPEAN, HST MEXICO, HST OF ASIA or anything besides USA history was not mandatory but optional. I was pissed. How are you gonna learn about anything when you only learn made up facts about American History! I was shocked when student teaching finding out in dominant white suburban schools students think Native American died only due to diseases. And to find out that the school books only give a page to Native Americans in USA history books. I'M RANTING BUT OMG SMH LOL馃槨馃槕馃槕馃槬
@lizarnone well said:) Is it our ego that prevents Americas from expanding their horizon or just laziness
totally the truth right there. But when i was in high school i had a while year of world history which i loved. And then my senior year i took ap world history as an elective. i am a big geek. but now its like the school system doesnt even teach the correct history anymore. They only teach the history the government wants you to know but still wants to make you ignorant about everything else.