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5) Berserk: This series is absolutely gory! Granted I read the manga but, there is still an anime for it. This show is hardcore and dark and that is one of the reasons I love it but, the main reason is Guts! I absolutely love Guts, he has a dark past and the series has great character development probably the best.
4) Hunter X Hunter: This series does start out slow but, that changes as soon as the Troupe arrive. I love how the series has a great mix of humor, action, and gore. I also love how the two main characters are best friends but, they treat each other as siblings and I really like how it goes into detail about the two.
3) Bleach: I started this series growing up and even then it was one of my favorites. I like how they advance in power with their zanpakuto, I always thought the zanpakuto was very amusing and creative. I also like the variety of characters, you have Ichigo and his friends, squad captains, and arrancars. The fights in the series gets very intense and wild, the action is also a great aspect.
2) D-Gray Man: This show was decent and chill all the way through the first half and I gotta say I was not expecting it to get that intense. I love ho the series is a constant battle between excorcists and the demons and Noah. I like how unique their abilities are and how it chooses them and as the show progresses so does their abilities. Honestly this show will probably never leave my number two spot.
1) Naruto: I absolutely love Naruto! I will bring up the fillers and how much bullshit they are but, once you get past the fillers the show kicks ass! I love how creative this show is on their powers. The villains are completely badass and feared in the show and Kaguya is one of the most powerful villains ever. I loved the Akatsuki and how they were organized in pairs. The tailed beasts are badass and fit well into the series! I grew up and this show and it will never leave my number one spot! Give me your thoughts on this top five and feel free to tell me yours.
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@KatPaulino Like I love Naruto and he can punch the moon in half and destroy city's and most with just a tailed beast bomb alone but if they give Killua a timeskip and possibly a new ability he might even be able to beat Naruto!
1. Naruto 2. Magi: The labyrinth of magic 3. Hakuouki 4. Berserk 5. Samurai X - Rurouni Kenshin
@Jayce34 Favorite Naruto character?! :3
Hmm that is very hard I really don't have a favorite, I love them all good or evil, the only one I truly disliked was Danzo.. I guess if I had to choose It would be Itachi
@Jayce34 Favorite is Naruto. The one's I don't like is Danzo and Sasuke, I use to hate Obito and Madara but, I gained some respect for them.