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@amandamuska it's alright as long as she don't out shine RapMon
2 years ago·Reply
lol i dont think she can im not a rapmon fan but he sure is interesting lol and i was talking about just normal rapmon as female rapmon because some people love seeing him in a dress its pretty funny i died when v dressed up as a fairy even tho he looked like a ludy bug @LeRose1988
2 years ago·Reply
yes he was a very adorable sailor moon. ..lol V is something else, they all Crack me up majorly!!!
2 years ago·Reply
yes they are funny and very interesting I love these boys and i look up to them and my family just questions me but IDC!!! im going to be demi lovato lol *starts singing i really dont care*
2 years ago·Reply
my wife and my husband in the same fuckin picture😍😍😍😍😐
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