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This is an idea for a story arc I had after the revival of f arc.
This is a story arc that would take place quite a while after revival of f as I want this arc to focus on Pan Bra when they're maybe like 10 years old. Dragon ball fans have been wanting a female super saiyan for a long time now, myself included, and that was the basis of how I came up with this idea. I wanted to see those two characters redone in a good way and finally satisfy one of the fans desires.
So, how do we have an arc that focuses on them and still feel tension even though Goku and Vegeta are like mad OP now? Easy, have Goku and Vegeta be with Whis and Beerus in a different universe searching for powerful opponents and what not. While they're doing that, have something threaten the Earth. This is also a good way to get the other Z-fighters involved as well like Gohan, Piccolo and Krillin.
In my mind, there would be a couple episodes of Pan and Bra having random adventures like maybe helping Krillin with his police force (I think a small red ribbon arc would be good for this) or we see them training so we can get a feel for their power. (I'd say just a bit stronger than 7 and 8 year old Goten and Trunks, comparing base forms).
Then, for whatever reason a greater threat (an alien of some kind, preferably not saiyan) comes from space and descends upon the Earth. This new villains motivation for being on Earth could be anything, it could be a totally new villain or a re-done movie villain (maybe cooler or Bojack?) and then starts taking down the Z-fighters.
Now this is the biggest part of this idea, the trigger for transformation in both Pan and Bra. I'd say for them to transform there has to be a character death. A permanent one so it can maintain some value as a plot device. Now I think it needs to be someone fairly important so it can have a big enough impact. And I've narrowed it down to two choices. The first is Gohan. If Pan's own father died before her eyes it would definitely trigger a transformation, however I don't know that this would for Bra, and I think it'd be cooler to have their transformation be triggered by the same event. So the 2nd choice and the better one I believe, is Gotenks, I.e Goten and Trunks. Imagine Goten and Trunks fuse trying to defeat this villain (we could also see an older Gotenks this way) and then gets a hole through their chest. They then unfuse and both have holes or maybe two halves of the same hole. This would send both Pan and Bra into a rage and cause the transformation we've all been waiting for. However, they still wouldn't be able to defeat this villain, he'd be two strong for just two more super saiyans to make much of a difference. I say Vegeta and Goku arrive back in their universe just in time to feel Pan and Bra's transformation. They would then feel the powerful energy that they're fighting and rush to the scene. (Goku being an idiot wouldn't instant transmission right away, as he would try to decipher what's going on first) When the two powerhouses do arrive it will be just as Pan and Bra fall to their knees in defeat. They will then see that both of their sons are currently dead and the culprit is this new villain. They would then both go into a saiyan rage (I love seeing mad Goku) and just totally annihilate this guy, like no mercy, as they've both learned from the events of resurrection of f that they shouldn't give their opponent a chance to beat them. There would then be a funeral and stuff for the two dead saiyans and the arc would be over.
Thanks for reading! Tell me what you think and any other ideas you have for this serious.
Vegeta is my favorite too. Just look at our pictures. Lol. And I agree that him losing trunks would give him a mad boost and I love seeing angry vegeta and Goku, they would just stomp on whoever did it. Lol
@nberry1620 Thanks man! I've never been a big fan of Gotenks but I know he's loved by the community so I feel like it could hit hard enough to make an impact on the fans too
Thats a bad ass idea man, all sounds awesome except for Gotanks (goten/trunks(obviously)). I'm a big fan of their fusion and have always wanted to see a grown version. But would hate to see them die, even though it would be a perfect way for both girls to flip saiyan shit. Over all though, this sounds solid.
@thatperson512 Honestly, its not Gotanks as much as Trunks that I would hate to see die really. Trunks is a bad ass and I would just hate for Vegeta to lose his son. Because I am first and foremost a Vegeta fan. However, if that were to happen I can only imagine how much of a power boost he would get losing Trunks... I mean damn, we all saw what happened when Bulma got smacked. So he would go crazy nuts if he lost Trunks forever.
@Shemoo That's why I'm a little worried. Lol
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