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.1. Did Lay just flick D.O. crotch on purpose? D.O. seems to think so. 2.And Suho decided to join in with Kai…3. When it seemed everything was over Xiumin came in with a sneak attack on Baekhyun!!
Got7! These boys are relatively new to the scene but it looks like Junior picked up on the bromance vibe of the industry pretty fast. They became famous for playing the paper kissing game. And even though they’re infamously bad at it and end up actually kissing each other, they play it again…
Super Junior members love each other like brothers…But sometimes things a little crazy on stage, And the intimate touching begins.
The members of SHINee went through several stages of skinship.. First they started off with simple hugs. And than, they started slowly copping feels…After that they started giving extended back-hugs on stage~Then Jonghyun and Taemin took it to another level altogether….
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Super Junior's concerts are like a strip club and Taemin and Jonghyun just wanted all of us to die.
Jackson kissing Jaebum...
that Jonghyun and Taemin one had me blushing and screaming ...temptation never looked soooooooooooooo beautiful
so uh....jimin and jungkookie?
Shipping kaisoo no matter what 😂😂