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What song can you not get enough of right now?!?!
Gotta love Kwangsoo! My song I can't get enough of right now is........ DRUM ROLL......
Hero- Monsta X! And don't even get me started on how HOT Jooheon and Shownu look! Now for the bonus.....
@AimeeH @SarahVanDorn @abbyhudson @KpopGaby @kpopandkimchi @SHINee808 @kpoplover1995 @wllmvns @KellyOConnor @JessicaChaney @BaileyWilson @shelbyhusband @NicoleJolly @jerrilynnpope @carolinacastane @lv22 @carolinacastane It has come to my attention that having you guys pick ONE is too hard and not fair. Sooooo, I changed it to 3. @AimeeH and @wllmvns. Better?! lol
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