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Big Bang Until Fan Mv
As i read on Koreaboo this is an unreleased song that Big Bang wrote and performed at a concert for fans but was never released. I listened it sounds amazing :)
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@GuerlyReyes I can't say that I know what you are going through. but I would like to say i admire you. At my church there is this couple that lost their son. it was so unexpected and no one saw it coming. what amazes me is that he told his mom like a week prior that he had a vision of streets of Gold. His mom didn't understand then but when he unexpectedly died it was still heart breaking. He was just six years old. I am in awe at the strength they have as husband and wife and their older child. They have such amazing strength in God No matter how much time has passed it's hard but I know you and your family will pull through. :)
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@KayyeAyyeeMCee Thank you馃槞馃槝馃槡 I'm not out of the woods yet.. I have a cousin in the hospital... The same hospital that couse my brothers death could have coused my cousins loosing his leg.. I'm praying To hear good news馃檱馃檹馃檹... I don't even want to ask... I know how it feels to be questioned... So I just wait for them to let me know... or I go visit and ask my self. I'm helping his girlfriend take care of her kids because I know he wants to be there for him. And it's a pleasure for me to do so... and really necessary for someone to be there... Dr's now in that's (some) don't really care for their PT anymore 馃様馃挃. .... Thank you for sharing that story with me... I understand that couple, We keep holding God's hand on this too... I don't want to think about it's to painful... I. sorry.....
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This makes me sad and grateful at the same time. I think that us fans or just me, forget that they do know our suffering in a way. Just like we try to be there for them they try to be here for us.
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