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@Tigerlily84 and @AimeeH Here are three songs that I can't get out of my head right now \(^O^)/

Guhara ft.Giriboy- Choco-Chip Cookies

This song has such a catchy tune its impossible for me to not have this song stuck in my head. Lol and its about food so XD

2ne1- Gotta Be You

Omg this band slays every song they make. And I love their look in this video so much!! CL with her rap and Park Bom with her powerful voice made this song. Dora and Minzy were awesome too.

Infinite- Tic Toc

Can I just say how much Sunggyu blew everyone away with his voice in this song?? His voice had so much feeling out into it. I feel it every time. That with the fact that Dongwoo and L were looking mighty fine it's hard to forget this song.
@wllmvns nice thank you for the tag! I'll work on mine after I get finished with hw
@Tigerlily84 The song is called Tic Toc . Its by Infinite lol
@wllmvns I had never heard Infinite before. Thanks for introducing me to something new!