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Dawn run was never an exciting task to wake up to, especially when you hadn't slept much the night before, although feeling clean always helped. Once upon a time Six might have worried about whether the overseers might notice that he was clean, versus the rest that weren't, but such a detail would entail that they paid any attention to him beyond what they saw him as. A tool to be used, maintained, and discarded when the time came.

Six was a refugee from the continent of Danzia, which had waged war with the great land of reshinof for all of five months. The time spent was only because Danzia was such a vast land to cover, much like throwing rocks at a building, Six's people never stood a chance. Luckily for Six the benign people of reshinof believed in second chances. If he served in the workforce under the supervision of the army for half of his life, he could earn citizenship and be blessed enough to call reshinof his home. Six held no ties to Danzia, he didn't really care where he lived, but the idea of manual labor for half of his life span at the chance of being able to attempt to live some semblance of a true life when he reached fifty did not sit well with Six.

He thought back to his conversation with Ana last night, and all that it meant to him. She offered him so much, more than he had ever anticipated life held in store for him.
"I could be free?" Ana nodded as she rinsed the soap off of her body. "Yes dear boy, you could be free. All you would need to do is follow my instructions. We are going to make you a member of the Red Guard." Six's eyes widened at this. In his position, freedom was a longshot, becoming a Red Guard was an impossibility. "How?" "You are going to compete in the Grave Games this month. When you win, I will contest you a champion worthy of guarding an official, and make you my Red Guard. I am your ticket to freedom Six. Is that alright?" She held his chin between her thumb and index, forcing him to look her in the eyes. "Yes ma'am." Six said sheepishly.
Six had no issue agreeing then, his full-bodied boss staring him down with a grin, but the idea now seemed daft. The Grave Games were called as such with reason. No one survived often. They were held in a stadium of sorts, and were considered a way to blow off steam and boost morale for the Soldiers. They were glorified dog fights. People died there, people like Six.

The week the overseers plan for the workers is set up in a specific way for specific reasons. Every day there's an event in place to keep them moving, keep them tired. Tired workers can't rebel. So come time for the Grave Games, Six will already be fairly tired. But one has to do what is necessary, especially for freedom. So he would play his part, do what the overseers say, and today he would do the Dawn Run.
"Fall in line maggots! Time for the Dawn Run!" The Overseer says as he walks the line of workers. "You know the drill, we blow the whistle, you move your legs. First to the end of the Dawn Run gains a Red point." Six prepared for the start, this would not be fun. Six would have to win, which he's never done before. "Ready, set, go!"