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I just want to say that One Piece is by far one of the best animes I've seen and it certainly inspired me in many different ways. This anime is among the very few that made me feel every emotion all at once. It made made me feel bliss of happiness, bawl an entire ocean, angry to the very core of my brains, and much more. Watching these amvs really had me change my perspective about One Piece and made me realize how much it can relate to our everyday lives. Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did cause it totally hit me in the kokoro! <3
This amv left me a huge impression about how much meaning there is to the word "nakama" within the straw hat crew. After each occurrence with each member throughout their journey, you can see how strong their bonds have become and they will do anything to keep that. With Luffy in the center of it, he will sacrifice everything to protect his nakamas and get through any obstacles that stand in his way.
You can totally feel all the emotions surfacing up after watching this. These are one of those times when you can't help, but have tears coming out all at once. This particularly shows the hardships that Luffy went through and it made a huge impact to his life. However, because of those painful encounters, he is able to make a stronger comeback by becoming even stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally. On top of that, he knows that he has his nakamas to support his back and help him in whatever ways they can.
As much as I love everyone in the crew, zoro would have to be my most favorite one out of all. I really like how this amv is told by zoro's pov and you can see why everyone respects him as luffy's right hand man. His ambitions to be the world's strongest swordsman is definitely worthy of him to strive for. Especially the way how he thinks about the word "teamwork" is on a different league of its own.
Great share! One Piece is indeed Epic. :))
thanks I put in quite some effort to this cause it was soo hard to choose out of all those amvs out there! >O<
YES I'm a huge onepiece fan an I really enjoy there amv video too make the anime mad intense lol
couldn't agree with you any better! XD
the feels make you cry