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In Dragonball Xenoverse, our character is the hero that has to save time (thanks for that one fight you helped with Trunks -_-') but how strong are we really. Throughout the whole game, we hear compliments from our masters on how strong we get. We also get comments that... well... basically put us in our place. Goku constantly tells us how much stronger we're becoming while we train with him, but he still has his Super Saiyan God form. Something that we never get to have, and in all respects, we don't beat SSJG... we last long enough for it to wear out. How many times have you beaten that one PQ without spamming Super Vanishing Ball or any kind of blast? On top of all this, throughout our training with Beerus, he'll compliment our strength but reminds us we're like insects to him... and don't get me started on Whis. So what does everyone else think? How strong is the DB Xenoverse hero?
well if you get the secret ending where you beat demon God Demigra in his final form by yourself without Goku... pretty strong considering the fact that Super Saiyan 3 Goku wasn't able to beat his lower form when he was with you and this is the Goku that is Dragon Ball super Goku because he said that he it turn into a God which means he's got the boost from having turned into a god so based on that he's not as strong as beerus but he's also probably about as strong as Super Saiyan God Goku that's about where I would put is about Super Saiyan God Goku and if you get the secret ending you beat him by yourself so I have to say about a strong as Super Saiyan God Goku because even beerus says that currently you are a good match for Goku and Vegeta and considering he says Goku and Vegeta not just guess is he's referring to them when their training with Whis, otherwise he would just say Goku because based on what I said earlier it sounds like we're as strong a Super Saiyan God Goku and just plain Vegeta is nowhere near where we would be so based on this assessment I have to say that our character is probably around Super Saiyan God level so still even when beerus was fighting Goku he was still holding back the whole time in the same way that he probably is with us
@VinMcCarthy Yeah, but even then. You can go down from Beerus to Cell masters. Cell will still talk down to you. The only interesting level to world interaction in the game is an npc that has a scouter that can goes up to, "Immeasurable," then stops. So, if we can get some comparison between that scouter and the ones we see in early DBZ, we'd have a better understanding of where we would lie. (Even though power levels are bullshit)
I need to play this game... I didn't know it included even SSJG goku. jeez. though if you're strong enough to train with beerus you must be pretty strong.