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What is this S***!?!?
Why does Yona of the Dawn only have 24 episodes on crunchyroll? :"(((
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omg! so I checked some forums and some people are saying there's supposed to be another season soon... but that could be rumor.... I hope it's the truth
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I'll look at sales and statistics in the morning. and I'll see what they say, I know the anime was huge for the US but that don't count for anime companies since we only have a few venues and not Anime Channels.. And no, I'll eager streaming sites don't count, IE,, Nome of those matters to statistics.. it's all about DVD sales :/
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then I'll leave it to you lol.
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:"((( I pray that it's popular. It deserves to further develop it's story.
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I know, had to start reading the manga to get my Yona fix lol
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