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Soooooo this guy gives his opinions on which kpop idols he thinks are gay... Do you agree or did with his choices? Let me know in the comment section below. I don't mean to start a war. I also mean no disrespect to the artists, I just came across this on YouTube and thought it was interesting...
I agreed with some.. there were a few that shocked me cause I never thought about it but since then I guess I do see what he saying but thats mostly only with Shinee and no shit.. Jokwon lol @simplethings I agree with the Bambam one but then most Thai men are a lil more feminine
I found some of his explanations kind of offensive but I did agree with about half of his list. 1. VIXX: N, yes. Sometimes I think Leo might be. 2. U-KISS: Kevin, yes. 3. SHINee: Taemin, no. Key, yes. Jonghyun, no. 4. Kwanghee? Not familiar with this one. 5. SuperJunior: Heechul, strangely no. Leeteuk, no. I would add Ryeowook as a yes. 6. Infinite: Sungjong, yes. 7. Nu'est: Ren, yes. 8. 2am: Jokwon, yes. 9. EXO: Sehun, no. I would add Tao as a yes. and some other groups that he didn't cover that set off my gaydar: BTS: J-Hope Seventeen: Joshua BtoB: sometimes Sungjae Got7: Bambam. Yugyeom did at one point but he's been growing up really manly. lol BigBang: this might get me killed but sometimes I think TOP is
@simplethings I agree with you on everything lol XD I guess we'll both get killed.-.