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Jo In Sung: More Photos from Latest Photo Shoot
More photos from his latest photo shoot, February 2013. I know I said I was going to write recaps, but it's already well into its run and it seems rather pointless to do recaps now.
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i like him in the drama Spring Day...
5 years ago·Reply
mr.handsome ♥
5 years ago·Reply
@ismayatirn I've never seen that one...I'll have to look it up.
5 years ago·Reply
@charleen.. i've looked into google about spring day and it looks interesting... i will watch it one of this days... the girl is from daemul... ^^
5 years ago·Reply
@Sherm Ohhh, really?! Okay, I actually haven't looked it up yet, so that's good.
5 years ago·Reply