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Completely not Kpop related but I don't know who else to rant to. I'll include some nice gifs though. I got a call from a private number No biggie, I get those. Expecially when they mention they got it off my photography page. What threw me off was when they told me to get my husband to call them. Excuse me?
Do not go to my BUSINESS page, get my phone number and call me on a personal matter. I don't know you, my husband doesn't know you and you even hung up on me before I got a clear name. This person has called my husbands phone with this private number for nearly a week now and then calls me about not being able to get a hold of him. Not only did they call me after 8 but they were calling him after 7, which is when he's normally at work.
Because this person creeped to such a level to go on my personal page from my husband's page and then creep until they found where my phone number was located. Like who does that?
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They are disturbing as fuck.