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J pop or K pop? music language
so I have always like j pop, the influence came from anime of course but now I find my self in a predicament.
I just moved to Korea! and guess what? I have korean tv... I fell in love with k pop and it's not that I'm trying to choose between the two but I do wonder what I should do. I was learning japanese, I know a lot already and when I came here I said to myself that I would not learn korean for that reason, but now I love k pop so uhhhh I don't know whats best? my japanese is half and should I learn a new language? =/
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I'm planning on learning both, though I've only just started learning Korean, if you can handle learning s couple of languages at a time, then go for it!! There's also the fact you are living in Korea, so knowing the language would be very helpful :D
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Definitely both. Two languages will never not be a good thing to have, especially when they're both so darn beautiful. <3
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@AnbuRose I already know two languages tho lol... thats why I don't want to half ass japanese and start korean =/
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@MattK95 yes it really would! most dont speak english either.
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It would probably be best to learn both, but focus primarily on Korean since you actually live in South Korea.
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