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@Tigerlily84 Here they are! The songs on repeat in my head currently! Every time I hear any of these songs the volume goes UP and I have to jam out! {or get emotional with Day 6}

Day 6 ~ Colors

My favorite song. It's so poetic and beautiful. I love SungJin's voice! ^^

Monsta X ~ Rush

It's just so fun to sing, especially if you're driving!

BIGBANG (GD & T.O.P) ~ Zutter

What can I say it's the kings and I blame it on my BB binge for the concert that I still haven't gotten over yet! You instantly go into swagger mode when this song comes on, you can't help it.
@KellyOConnor rush and zutter are 2 of my favs too! And I love Monsta X Trespass
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I saw the thumbnail and I immediate know it's youngk from day 6. :) Colors is awesome!
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