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@RosePark here's my response to your challenge:) I'll tag @Jigglypuff920 @gagagabyrd @BrandeeBlanton my only followers lol
My Dad: Inuyasha!! Despite his rough past and upbringing he would make the best dad ever because of how protective and caring he is towards others. Yes it's true he can be harsh but he lived a life of exile which is what lead him to be rough around the edges. Also throughout his journey the love that Kagome provided him with made him a better person and he grew in character. Also spending time with him would allow me learn how to fight lol and I just want to have his cute ears and it would be amazing to have golden eyes!!!!
My Mom: Kagome:) What lead me to choose her as my mom is the fact of how open minded she is. She doesn't show any prejudice against anyone despite their actions. She's always so kind and loving and puts others' needs before hers. She is able to see past people's faults and accepts them for who they are.
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Good picks~ They would certainly take good care of you ^^ But I do fear the day you learn to say "Down!" xD