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As you guys know, usually Adventure Anime will have a main character with travellinv companions! So, throughout the entire list of Anime you've all watched, who's one person you'd wanna travel with?
As for me, I choose Gourry Gabriev from Slayers! Just look at the chibi picture of him!
The reason? Well, he's fun! He cares aboutbhis travelling partners, and can serious in battle, however...
He can be dense! But what's an adventure with no fun, right?! He's an amazing partner. Strong, but clueless, but smart when it really counts! Go Gourry!! What about you guys? Comment me or you can make your own card. Tag me and I'll take a look. I'm excited to see who you'll choose!
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I'll have to think about this lol
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hmm I'll make a card and tag you with it
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