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Ahhh, 100%. I really forgot how much I liked you. You're so in sync. You're insanely talented. You don't get enough recognition!!
Since @KpopGaby reminded me of my 100% love, I thought it'd be fun to put up a fancam of each of their more well known songs in today's Fancam Feed. There really, really aren't many HD fancams of them left on youtube, but I'll share what I can find ㅠㅠ


4 Different Songs!!

This ones really nice because we get 4 different songs and its the most recent, but still....only 5 ㅠㅠ hahaha I'm just being picky!!! Still just wasn't the same when it was 5...
October 18, 2014

Bad Boy @ Green Concert

August 3, 2013

Wrong Number @ Bupeong Youth Festival

May 12, 2013

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Don't let the world forget about 100%!!! Share this card!!!!!

@KpopGaby @StephanieDuong them as 7 is the best :( :(
100% cannot be forgotten! Can't wait for Minwoo to come back from military! I'm hoping Sanghoon comes back with him so the 7 of them perform together again...
@KpopGaby yeah :(
Yeah... *sighs* let's hope for Sanghoon to come back...
100%!!!! I miss all 7 of them together too! :(