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love you @AimeeH! Please don't make revenge too painful!
On a personal note..........
why can't my barista look like that?!?!?!?! No like with exercising, we need a cool down period.
Ta-da! All done! I didn't think I was TOO mean. Was I ? LOL
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@AimeeH as long as you don't figure out my biggest KRYPTONITE that makes me blush EVERY TIME, I think I can take what you can dish out. Maybe,possibly lol
oh sweet merciful mother of God on the Hood of a Mercedes Benz driving towards a cabin lit ablaze on a cold night!!!! Xiu Min!!! Why did you make my ovaries do that?!?! God!Noe I have to go thru the process of my work night thinking about sexy body xiu min grinding all over the stage. thank you... thanks so much @Tigerlily84
@JustBrittany You're welcome!!!! : )
Omg wait what happened to the cute Baozi Xiumin?! WHEN DID YOU TURN SO SEKSHI????